Unintentionally Freaking People OutMature

Sometimes I forget that everyone isn't like me. Some people are emotionally scarred by the things that I talk about. Take this example:

Beloved Friend: "Some people are saying that the world will be destroyed this year."

Kathy: "Oh godddd, there is so much negativity in the world. It's like someone placing a nail in the centre of your head and hitting it with a sledge-hammer so that the skull splits open and all the red stuff pours out into little streams on the floor!"

Beloved Friend: "Kathy! You are so messed-up! Are you mentally disturbed or something?"

Kathy: "Yes." *looks proud* "Yes I am."

True story!

So there I learnt that I have to learn to be less of weirdo.

Also, I can put a needle and thread through the first layer of skin on my fingers. I can do stuff like stitch two fingers together. Some people find this incredibly cool, some people find it incredibly disgusting, some people give me the phone numbers of 'specialists' who they think can 'help' me.

There is a fine line between being an individual and being a total psycho. I have crossed that line.

The End

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