I Do Not Want To Live On This Planet AnymoreMature

You know you need to get out more, when you're talking to someone online and they log out and you're all like "Don't go! Please don't go!" pleading with the computer screen. Basically, I was once that person, the one pleading with the computer screen.

It's annoying how an argument doesn't even take intelligence anymore. Like someone might go "What the hell are you doing?" in a sarcastic sort of way, riling the other person. The other person then replies "Your mother." Or if you go "That's so stupid!" they go "So's your face!" I used to enjoy an intelligent argument. Now I'm non-confrontational as well. Most of the time.

I didn't know why people were looking at me strangely once. Then I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a streak of smudged black paint down the side of my face.

I tore up one of my glitter-pink-girly stories last night. The world suddenly seems like a better place.

If your wondering why I said all that, it's because I wanted to. Deal with it. Thank you to all the usual readers, thank you for not judging me.


The End

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