To Belong To Something; Safety In Numbers?Mature

For one particular era of my life, I wanted to belong to a group, to be a part of something, just to blindly follow the seemingly smart, 'popular' people. I wanted to belong.

Currently on Protagonize I am trying to delete my groups. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the 'delete group' option, but it normally takes me about five years to figure out how a site works anyway. I no longer want to revisit that era of my life.

I don't know if 'safety in numbers' is all that true. If a killer finds one of you, he or she finds all of you. Take for instance, the hare, a rabbit-like animal. A litter of young hares, at the age of twelve hours old (according to what I read) they are taken to different areas of the fields or forests where they are born, and left there by their mother. This is so that if a fox finds one, he only kills one. Animals are so clever.

So basically this shatters the 'safety in numbers' thing. If you are on your own, only you die. If you are together, you all die.

So now I don't need to belong to anything. I am my own person. Nobody elses.'

The End

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