Things ChangeMature

Lately I discovered notebooks and computer-files full of my old writing. Most of it is complete and utter rubbish but it brought something to my attention. That thing was that in the space of about two years, I've gone from writing children's fiction to writing death poetry.

Seriously, I used to write children's fiction. Like cute tales about talking animals in lands where it rains glitter. Pink dogs and unicorns.

Those of you who have read some of my work on here will probably find the before statement hard to believe. But I'll upload some if you don't believe me, seriously. No plot, no drama, no blood, no shooting battlefields thick with corpses. Just what people would consider 'cute.' Badly written cuteness. I was nearly sick while I was reading those notebooks.

My first thought was "BURN THEM! Burn them and stamp on the ashes!" but instead I decided to keep them. I don't know why, but maybe if I'm ever famous they'll be worth something on Ebay.

Isn't it weird how writing styles change? And can you honestly imagine me writing something happy?

The world is well and truly messed up.

The End

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