In Love With My Own CharactersMature

So far in my writing, I have fallen for at least one of my characters per story. There has been Jordan (anger management issues) River (drugs, alcohol, depression, self-harm) Keir (taken; damn you Sienna! and murdered) Rick (all of the above) and Chris (nothing wrong with him, strangely enough).

Those aforementioned characters are the ones that I have loved more than all the rest. Jordan was my favourite. I think I liked them because even though they were stereotyped as 'just depressives' they had an amount of depth to their personality that a lot of people never took the time to find out about.

Let's take River, for example. He was the guitarist in a fictional heavy-metal band, forced into doing drugs. He had a secret love of literature that the rest of the band would have ridiculed him for if they found out. He was really more intelligent than the rest of them.

This intelligence was what I loved about him. I don't know if that's weird and I don't really care about being labelled 'Freak' (been there, done that) some things have to be said.

The End

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