That Moment When You Realise How Cliche You SeemMature

Right, so the other day I decided to read back over my diary from last year. As I was reading, I realised how much of a stereotype I sound. I mean, most of what I do involves reading Stephen King books, writing death poetry and horror, thinking about whether what some people believe is real or not, listening to heavy-metal, drawing (a lot of what I draw is Gothic art influenced) and thinking of new ways to freak people out. No wonder when people ask me to tell them about myself they ask "Are you a Goth?" or "Are you an Emo?"

I am sick of automatically being written-off. Like when somebody asks me what I think of the colour black and I say I like it, they immediately go "Goth!"

I like the colour black because for me it represents infinity, space, darkness. Not because I'm a 'Goth.' I'm sick of being called a kind of architecture, for God's sake! Study your history, people!

I don't think that just because Carrie is my favourite book and I like heavy-metal that I should be called a Goth. I am sorry to rant, but sometimes I have to. Human beings annoy me, I wish I was a dog or an emerald-scarab-beetle or something.


The End

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