Part Two Of Aforementioned RantMature

Okay, here's a story that will explain another point. Once, somebody that was my friend at the time, said that she was 'considering becoming a non-conformist' whenever we were talking about Goths or something. I laughed like a mad person (and it takes a lot to make me laugh like a mad person) and she looked both puzzled and slightly scared. I thought she was joking. The point is, (in my opinion) that you can't just 'become' a non-conformist when it's fashionable. You actually have to care about the message you're putting across.  It isn't a fashion-statement, it's a way of life. When people ask me what magazines I follow, and I say "I don't buy magazines." and they're all like "Why?, oh wait, you're like, into non-conformity aren't you? Why don't you have any tattoos then?" and I'd be like "Coz that's called uniform non-conformity and uniform non-conformity is a load of crap." The point there is that people think it's just a phase and they have a set idea of a Goth-girl-cocaine-addict-pierced, tattooed and all that.

Oh, and just for the record, I don't buy magazines because I'm sick of seeing fashion pages with the heading "Real Beauty" yeah, right, how much silicone and saline does she have in her? Possibly 99.9 percent plastic. And that's what they call 'real beauty' to quote Humor-Switch "I do not want to live on this planet anymore" I'm not trying to boycott the media, it's just a belief.

I do not look like peoples' idea of non-conformity. I am an 'average-looking' person who sometimes tries to vary her image by writing out song lyrics on her wrists and stuff like that. But I know what I stand for and surely that says more than piercings and black hair-dye?

Also, for the record, I think tattoos are beautiful, I'm just afraid of needles =)

The End

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