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So the other day I was online and I searched for pictures of what peoples' ideas of non-conformity are, and I found a cartoon picture. The picture portrayed a cartoon drawing of a group of people, all wearing shirts with 'non-conformist' written across them. They clearly thought of themselves as non-conformists. But then on the other side of the picture there was a guy standing outside of the group, shirtless. The caption on top of the picture read 'which is the real non-conformist?' I had to laugh, because it was so obvious, yet so many people don't understand.

 Almost Everyone at one stage is their lives has pictured a non-conformist as somebody with a punk haircut, sleeves of tattoos, piercings and perhaps the odd suicidal tendency here and there. Come on, admit it! I'll be the first to admit that a few years ago that was the picture that came to mind for me.

What I don't understand is that if a group of non-conformists all look like that, then isn't that just the same as conforming to punk. Confused? Me too, but I have to write this, so just be patient for a minute or two.

Here's an example everyone will understand. Almost everyone in the thirteen to eighteen year-group will know that in secondary school/high school, peoples' (especially girls - sorry to betray you) ideas of being different is to dye their hair bright blonde and smoke cigarettes. Don't smoke, it's stupid, but back to the subject. Basically by trying to be different, they are making themselves exactly the same as everyone else. But this is my opinion; shouldn't non-conformity and conformity be about what you think like, not what you look like? That's just what I think anyway. Anybody can get a few tattoos and wear heavy-eyeliner but not everybody can think differently and not be influenced by the media.


Part Two of this rant is coming up in the next chapter. Beware.


The End

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