We are who we areMature

Sometimes I think about self-harm, suicide, mental illnesses and eating disorders and think to myself "How do the media print articles on how such things are easily avoided, when sometimes it's partially their fault that these things happen?"

I'm not here to launch a hate-parade on the media and fashion industry, journalists or anyone else, but when we're constantly surrounded by images of stick-thin models, how can we not believe that they are the people we must strive to be like.

Let's take suicide, for instance. A kid whose a bit 'different', doesn't 'fit in' with everyone's idea of perfection. This kid is ridiculed for her/his opinions and bullied. The media force-feed us images of so-called perfection, the fashion industry lead us to believe that we are not good enough because we aren't manicured, spray-tanned blonde, stick-thin plastic-people. The kid is bullied even more. Kid starts to self-harm, someone takes it too far and the kid kills herself/himself.

I turn on the TV, I see makeup adds, diet-pill adds, weight-loss shows, plastic-surgery adds. I open a magazine, I see pictures of these living mannequins and more adds for the aforementioned products. I go into a shop and an age 7-8 is the same as the size for twice that age.

Why can't we just be content with how we are? Soon we will all be the exact same, all the originality drained from the world.


The End

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