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Rants, opinions, things you never wanted to know.

For me, writing is an outlet for my emotion, though sometimes I exaggerate it, and I'm sure that most people on Protagonize agree with me. We put our feelings, hearts, souls and everything we have into our art. We write for a wide array of reasons.

But lately I've noticed how people who write dark poetry, stories and pieces, people like me and so many others, are treated strangely outside of the writing community. I mean, I might write a lot of suicidal poetry, but that doesn't mean that I actually want to kill myself, as most writers will understand. If I'm feeling sad or angry I write dark poetry to release my emotions, but I exaggerate those emotions, as if I was using words to draw some form of morbid caricature.

People label you with titles like 'Goth' and 'Emo.' And if we're not careful, we subconsciously start to try and fit these labels. It's human nature. I don't mind 'Non-conformist' because it pretty much sums me up perfectly.

Someone recently asked me if, when I read books of dark poetry by published authors, I ever worried about what was going on in their heads. I told that person that if an author can exaggerate their dark feelings to the point of you worrying about their mental state, then that author is great at what he/she does, \and if an author can commit the darkest hours of their life to a notebook, then surely that's the most beautiful and emotional writing of all.

If you were to read a story written by someone whose behaviour or thoughts you didn't worry about, or by someone who never expressed any so-called disturbing feelings or 'weird' imaginative thoughts, then wouldn't the writing be bland, tasteless, artificial?


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