Emails and Females

A journalist wants a new life in a new city, so travels to Beverly Hills, looking for fame. He hits the jackpot when his religious friend helps him get a part in a movie directed by someone he wouldn't mind being with...

Justin's life was never as exciting as he wanted it to be. Well, being a journalist for the most read paper in Iowa, he got to investigate and write lots of exciting stories, but no story was ever about him, except this one...


Hey Davey, Justin typed to his best friend.
I was just thinking, maybe I could come visit you sometime in your new house. Theres a plane next week and unless I hear from you, I'll be on it.

Justin looked at his email. He sighed and hit send.

Davey Watt had been Justins best friend since they were 15. But now that Davey had moved to Beverly Hills for his movie, they hadn't been able to see each other at all.

The End

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