Brion Fionn - Suspicions

Aislinn's black curls shone in the moonlight of her bedroom window, reminding Brion of how late it was and how much his body, sore from fencing that day, ached to go to bed. But he pushed it aside, knowing one-on-one with just his sister was a rare thing in a house of six other brothers. And this was something he really only wanted to tell her.

"What is it?" Aislinn asked curiously.

"When I was coming home today, I saw a mysterious man sneaking away from our stables. He didn't see me but he sure seemed in a hurry to leave. Did someone visit?"

"Just the alchemist," she answered, "Are you sure it wasn't him?"

"Postitive. Master Conroy wouldn't go snooping around like that. He's welcome here and he knows that."

Aislinn's red lips pursed in thought, "And your sure it wasn't one of the boys playing hide-and-seek?"

"He was no boy," Brion shook his head, "And even if it was, they know better than to go running off like that."

"I hope it wasn't a thief," Aislinn muttered.

"Me too," he sighed,  "I just wanted to tell you because I didn't want to get everyone worried. It could've just as well been one of father's friends."

"I can ask him," she muttered, "But we'd best keep an eye out. Father's friends rarely go straight for the fields when looking for him."

Brion nodded and smiled, "I knew I talked to the right person," his tone grew more serious, "And I doubt he's harmful since he didn't really hurt anyone though it was clear father was out. But let's just make sure no one goes off alone."

Aislinn nodded.

"Well," Brion suddenly gave a big yawn, "Good night, little sis. Sorry to tell you a scary story right before bed."

"It's fine," she smiled, "Good night Brion."

The End

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