Glenda Ní Caoimh: Preparation

Going around with Quin was one of the everyday chores Glenda actually enjoyed.  This was alchemy at it's finest, not when they were creating new potions and mixtures to help rich people get richer, but going around and using their skills where they were needed—with the people.  She couldn’t say she approved of all of Quin's methods, but he was supposed to be the best and she was only his apprentice. She had no right to question him.

"Good work today," he said on their way back to his rooms.  "I must go and speak to the chieftain; he has some questions for me.  I need you to prepare the ingredients for a healing potion for the Guinne household. The mother has fallen ill and has requested something to relieve the symptoms."

"Very well," she replied obediently.  "Shall I begin to brew the mixture or shall I wait for you to return?"

"Wait for me.  I shan't be long with the chieftain."

They parted ways and she headed straight towards the preparation room where Quin kept his store of ingredients that were needed for almost every potion they made on a regular basis.  Anything special they had to go and find.

She began grinding the right amount of pale pink rose petals on the grinding stone, putting all her weight behind the movement, making her arm muscles scream with the effort.  She might have been trained to prepare potions by her father for many years but it didn't stop her muscles complaining when she overworked them.

She set the ingredients out in separate clay dishes, like Quin wanted her to do.  Powdered pink rose petals, half a vial of fresh morning dew, several flower heads of anise and a sprig of lavender were all prepared and laid out on Quin's workbench when he came back in through the door.

He barely said a word to her, just a half nod of thanks, before getting to work on the healing potion.

"What did the chieftain want?"  she asked cautiously.

"I need to make a special potion," Quin replied.  "So I'm going to need you to go and find some rather rare ingredients for me in the next few days."

"What's the potion?"

"Never you mind," Quin replied tersely, not looking away from the potion he was working on as he carefully poured the dew into a small pot and began heating it.  "All I need you to do is collect the ingredients without question.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied quietly, realising that this subject was more sensitive than normal.  Could it be something serious?  Was one of the chieftain's children seriously ill?  She was sure if that was it then he would have sent her off with all haste to collect the ingredients for the potion that would heal them.

But she had learnt not to ask questions when it came to Quin Conroy.  If he wanted her to know, he would tell her in his own good time.

The End

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