A herbal apprentice is set a task of collecting strange ingredients. A herbalist is planning a brew that will affect the whole kingdom. A chieftain's daughter will be walking on knife's edge. And the chieftain's seven sons will soon lose themselves...

One cup of the juice of feriwyn, settled in a dark place for fifteen days
Thirteen fresh berries of belladonna, crushed
Seven drops of araekyth
Five roots of silverwood, finely chopped
Seven leaves of wolfsbane, freshly picked
Seventy nine grains of heart's blood

Belladonna must be steeped in feriwyn juice for four days straight, then taken out. The liquid must then be taken to the boil, and silverwood added as soon as it comes off the fire. After the solution reaches room temperature, wolfsbane and araekyth must be added at hourly interval. The solution must then be allowed to stand for a week without disruption, and at full moon on the last day, heart's blood must be added. For immediate effect...

The End

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