Joe--the Enemy.

My eyes widened as I stared into the eyes of my worst enemy. Nightmaric memories flashed through my mind of the last few years. Whips cracked and I felt hot pain across my back. Slamming against the wall when I supposedly did something wrong. The clank of metal as a cage closed and locked. I started screaming uncontrollably, trembling and shivering as pure fear coursed through my body. Everyone looked at me strangely.

"What's wrong? Elfira? Lilyarca?" Joy asked before following the direction of both of our gazes. She inhaled sharply as she saw them. My worst enemy, backed by two dozen werewolves. The others in the room caught on quickly. Suddenly Elfira snapped out of her frozen state. As her eyes flared in anger she ran out the door to attack our enemy.

"Elfira no! He'll kill you!" I ran out to see Elfira tackled by five werewolves. I could tell she wasn't going to win. At that moment, something in me snapped. After a second, I realized it was my self control. Racing into the house, I rummaged around in the kitchen until I found a knife then hurled myself back out the door to slash at werewolves. Somehow, I ended up in the enemy's arms, with a wooden stake pressed to my chest.

"Nobody move or I kill the girl." He snarled.

"You wouldn't." Jamie said coolly. I closed my eyes and gulped before squeaking out

"He would."

"Shut your mouth." The enemy choked me for a second.

"Who are you?" Elfira, fearless as always, yelled at the enemy.

"My name is Joe. Killem Joe. I didn't get the name for nothin' you know!" Everyone stood frozen, even the werewolves. Suddenly, I heard a high pitched squeaking that no one else could hear. It was bat language.

"Does Joe know about our family's power?" Elfira squeaked to me. Being careful not to let Joe hear at all, I answered.


"I have an idea. Be ready to change to a bat in the order I say."

"I'm scared!"

"I know. Be brave, I think it'll work." Elfira cleared her throat when she finished squeaking. Then she addressed Joe. "You may not want to hold Lily captive. Our family was cursed long ago that if we were in danger, we would turn into bats."

Joe threw back his head and laughed a cruel laugh. "I don't believe in such hocus pocus!" Joe was not a vampire.

"Well, first the captive would grow fur," I began my transformation slowly, letting the fur spread. Joe didn't notice. "then their eyes would turn completely black and their ears would get bigger." I let my eye color go murky and felt my ears grow. "Next, their arms turn into wings then their whole body would get smaller." I followed her instructions. Joe started to freak out. Elfira finished her tale. "Then, if the bat was still being held, they would bite their captor!" I shut my eyes tight, and bit hard into Joe's finger. The creepy part: my top teeth touched my bottom teeth.

"Yaaaaaaah!!!" Joe screamed and dropped me and left his finger with me as well. I dropped it immediately. Joe ran off screaming with the remaining were wolves trailing behind. Joe wouldn't be a vampire. The bite came off with the finger.

The End

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