Happiness and Dancing

"Eli!" I squealed again. Right after transforming back into a human, I went into happy mode, which was jumping up and down rapidly without end until my happiness faded. "Eli! Eli! Eli!" I grabbed her hands and danced with her.

"Lily! I can't believe it's you! How did you escape!" Elfira happily danced with me while the others (whom I hadn't noticed yet.) just gaped.

"Same way you would've! I thought 'What would Elfira do if she were in this situation?' and I remembered you handled every situation which involved imprisonment with cleverness and your fists!" My smile was so big it could've split my face.

"That's me!" Elfira let go and stopped dancing while I just kept jumping around and around her.

"Elfira? Who is this?" Joy pointed at me.

"My name is Lilyarca! But you can call me Lily!" I said with a Swedish accent. I had finally noticed the others in the room.

"Ok, but how do you know Elfira?" Joy questioned me.

"We're sisters!" Elfira and I looked at each other and burst out giggling because of our unison anwer.

The End

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