Lilyarca (Lily)

I sat in a tree waiting for my dinner to wander to its death. I'm a pure-blooded vampire, but I still don't like the thought of killing someone by biting them on the neck. I'm only, like, eight or nine you know. My name is Lilyarca. Just Lily. Somewhere down the line of my ancestors, we developed the ability to turn into a bat. Closing my eyes, I sensed a rabbit right underneath me. Gripping my dagger, I backflipped off the branch I was sitting on and stabbed it before someone could blink twice. Picking it up, I climbed back into the tree and first bit it and drank all the blood before cutting off some meat and eating it. I'm a strange vampire and I know it. I like it too. As day aproached, I yawned and transformed into a bat with a moon next to my eye which copied the real moon. Hanging upside down, I fell asleep.

The End

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