Zoned Out

It seemed like forever until I finally zoned back into things. I'd been thinking about the girl waiting for me back at the house, when I figured I should probably head on back. But then again, I couldn't just leave all of these girls undefended, now could I? For some reason, I seemed to have been falling the others around without really paying attention. The world spun without me. Something had happened with the werewolves, that I was sure of. My eyes readjusted, turning towards Karishi as she asked to be helped. Can't any of these girls do anything themselves? I asked myself, rolling my eyes a bit. But apparently not. Just as I was about to go help her, someone else did the job for me. Now it did save me time, but it also left me bored. Glancing around, I took note in what everyone was doing. Introducing themselves. I could do that. Being the guy that no one really knew the name of but just followed them around was never fun. 

"I'm Jamie," I said calmly. Despite the fact that a werewolf body had just been flung across the floor towards my feet, I remained unchanged. My emerald eyes glanced briefly down at the wolf, but then looked back up quickly at the others. They had fallen silent at my words, but I didn't mind. They were strangers to me. And I was a stranger to them. The thunderous silence lasted for a while until I decided to break it. I wasn't one for the quiet. "Nice to meet you lovely ladies. If you ever need help kicking some more werewolf butt, just come and get me. If you can find me that is," I gave a small smirk, flashing my teeth as I looked at them. Yes, I was known as a ladies man. Go ahead and hate me for it, but it's all true. I just can't resist their beauty and charm. All of the girls here seemed to be younger than me, much to my disappointment. But then again, you could never tell with vampires. 

((Bleh, short))

The End

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