Werewolves - They Really Are Quite Stupid

I grinned at Elfira with an evil glint in my eye and loosened my shoulders a little. Twenty werewolves is hard work, even for vampires. But it sure as hell is fun. Now, I don't condone violence to animals. Far from it. But werewolves aren't even worthy of being called animals so if you meet one; feel free to kick the crap out of it. Chances are you wouldn't last five minutes anyway.

I glared at one of the now snarling werewolves. I bared my fangs menacingly and smiled as the wolf drew back a little. I clenched my fists that extra inch tighter, revelling in the feel of my knuckles trying to burst free from my skin. As much as I love fighting, it's the hush before that really gets me going. A yelp came from beside me. The smell of death was starting to gather beside me. Elfira had already launched her assault.

"Hey, no fair, kid" I said, a little pissed off.

That cheered me up enough, though. The sheer fact that I could call a pure-blood kid made the imminent wolf battle seem small in comparison. That was one of the things that had led me to Elfira in the first place. It's rare to find pure-bloods younger than yourself. I'd never used it against her though. As much as I hate people, I'm not that mean. The growl of a wolf snapped me back to reality. It leapt at me, resentment in its eyes. I ducked down and it overshot. I grabbed its tail as it soared over me and threw it back at its comrades. The beast was stupid enough the charge at me again. My fist collided with its ribcage and I heard its heart stop beating. Another three charged at me, tongues lolling out of their open mouths. They really did look quite stupid. I sighed and shook my head, spotting a random wrench on the floor just a few feet away. I rolled over to it, causing the lead wolf's face to hit the wall with a wet crunch. Once the wrench was in my hand I made short work of the wolves, using it with startling precision and strength.

I sighed as I smashed the skull of the last wolf with my wrench and wiped a drop of blood off my cheek, well aware that I was smearing on the blood on my hand. Elfira was checking on the other vampire so I didn't interupt her. It was weird seeing Elfira again. We weren't exactly what you'd call friends. In my opinion anyway. I'm not a big believer in fate and all that destiny jizz but I'm pretty sure something led me to her house. Actually, why am I here? I don't even live close by. Wait, where do I live again? The other vampire, who had passed out at some point, regained consciousness and brought me back from my thoughts.

"She smells like a werewolf. I don't like wolves" I said, clearing the distance between us and raising my wrench.

The End

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