My name’s Romira but if you call me that it might just be the last thing you do. Romi suits me just fine thanks. You should consider yourself lucky, most people that know my name end up dead a few seconds later. Let’s just say I’m not a people person. Okay, so I’m not technically a person, I’m a vampire. A pretty stereotypical vampire to be exact. I’m not exactly your typical goth vampire and I’m pretty sure you could guess from the previous statement that I’m not your typical seductress either. No, I’m stereotypical in the fact that I tend to outcast myself from society with the exception of when I need to paint the town red (if you catch my drift). Oh, and there’s the trench coat, too. Every vamp’s gotta have a black trench coat, right?


 My past…is somewhere I don’t like to dwell. I’ve lived long enough to see the true extent of man, and vampire’s, cruelty. I witnessed most of it before my rebirth. My father was a cruel man, I’ll leave it at that. I was sold out by my father and made a vampire at the age of seventeen and that’s the way I’ve stayed. The cold cruel years, however, gave me a chance to hone my weaponry skills. I can fashion pretty much anything into a weapon; I once took out a Hunter with a toothbrush. Yeah, a toothbrush.


Back to the whole appearance thang, right? My appearance from human to vampire didn’t change that much, to be honest. I have ebony hair which runs down past my shoulder blades and seems to vary between straight and ringlet curls whenever the hell it feels like it. Not those ridiculous tight ringlets, though, they just look stupid in my opinion. I’ve always had lily white skin and deep red lips, kinda like Snow White, huh? My eyes are pure black with red flecks, a family trait that was present even in humans. I’ve been told I make a pretty scary looking vampire but to be honest, I don’t particularly care about my appearance. Why should I bother when I don’t like people? Or other vampires? There’s one thing I really do hate though…

The End

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