This girl couldn't come to her senses to kill her own brother? She obviously had a grudge towards him so why couldn't she just get it over with? When she pulled something out of her pocket, I widened my eyes. Did she just smack herself? This just only proved my point that she was, in fact, stupid. Idiot. I thought to myself. First she makes me do her dirty work for her because she's too chicken, and now she goes around slapping herself? This girl obviously had some serious issues. I, on the other hand, was only paying attention to her because she was a pure blood unlike those other filthy creatures. And if it wasn't for the fact that there still might've been wolves around, I wouldn't even be talking to her at the moment. 

Others? Yeah I'd met with some of them. She actually cared about such lowly species like them? Wow, I must've overestimated this girl's abilities by a long shot. Vampires were killers and yet she couldn't kill a single mutt, why had I still overestimated her after that? She was just like that girl who hadn't had blood the entire time she'd been a vampire. I practically glared at her words. Why was she asking me if I'd seen them? She could be out looking for them. Wasn't she a pure blood vampire? She could sense vampires around, right? I rolled my eyes, not afraid of being rude to her. I didn't care if she was a pure blood like me or a girl, she was just annoying! 

"Yeah I ran into some others. Did you see any other dogs?" I asked her rudely, making it a point that I really didn't want to talk about the other girls. They were weak, defenseless. Let them die and burn in hell for all I cared. Survival of the fittest, something that Rain girl needed to learn. And fast. I looked down at John's body again, watching as the blood oozed out of him, his eyes staring upwards. He had already gone pale from the lack of blood flowing in his body. Poor guy. Yeah right. He deserved to die. 

I began repeatedly giving the body a series of hard kicks. Rest in peace, I though sarcastically. Or in vain. Under normal circumstances, like if the body had been a human, I would already be sucking the blood out of the creature for my good midnight snack, but werewolves weren't very tasty. They tasted like dog food actually. Not that I'd ever had dog food, just how I'd always imagined it would taste.

"Look, can you just point me in the direction of any other of those wolves you saw so I can get out of here and get back to what I was doing?" I asked her rather rudely. I didn't want her to take forever and write down her response again, so I'd clearly told her to 'point.' I mean I just didn't have that sort of time. 


The End

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