Why in the world had I offered the girl my name? At least there was one girl who didn't really seem to need my help. One who could actually fight for herself unlike those annoying other little 'vampires' back there. I mean how could you consider yourself a vampire when you didn't even drink blood? The definition of a vampire was someone who 'left their grave at night to feed on blood.' Of course that wasn't exactly completely true, but by definition she was supposed to drink blood. Which made her practically stupid in my eyes. Former humans...They were always so emotional about their past species. Didn't they realize that humans were completely hopeless? Those mindless idiots. What was the point in saving them? 

When the dog kicked me off of him, I felt myself hitting the ground. The force would've been hard to a human, but not enough to hurt one of my kind. I quickly retaliated and was back on my feet in a matter of seconds. I jumped off towards the disgusting wolf and placed my hands on his shoulders while he was in the air. One of my hands went on his neck, shoving him down onto the ground in a choking position when he fell. I shoved my other fist into his gut as hard as I could. The grip in my right hand around his neck tightened as I glared into his eyes. 

But the girl seemed to have some personal grudge against him, so he saved the kill for her. After all, she was a pureblood. He didn't have some reason to hate her like I did for those former humans. God how I hated those kinds of vampires, they were too kind-hearted and soft. I normally wouldn't have saved the kill for someone else, but I was in a fairly good mood tonight and was going to save her the pleasure of sucking the life out of the worthless soul on this special occasion. 

I looked towards Elfira, waiting for her to make her move. If she wasn't here in the next few seconds I'd do the pleasure myself. The girl was mute, I'd figured that out by her 'I don't have a piece of paper or pencil' thing. This mutt seemed to know that as well, they'd been communicating after all. He was her brother, I'd managed to pick up on that. I personally didn't mind that small little detail. I'd killed my own sister, but then again the girl had been half-human. I'd managed to convince my sister and family that the poor little girl had died of a disease, and of course they'd fallen for it. 

Hurry up! I practically shouted towards her with a growl, tightening the grip on the creature's neck. Weren't vampires supposed to be emotionless and could kill someone easily? This girl seemed to be afraid of doing so, so I sent her a few words of 'encouragement.' Just kill him already or I'll do it myself! If not like such a horrible creature actually has feelings! I told her quite rudely, obviously not caring about the fate of John. 

The End

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