No paper and no pencil

The boy...Mostly man...Who jumped over my head pinded John to the ground. He was a Pure-blood Vampire like me. I sensed it. I ran over to John's head. 'So. He's one too eh?' He said. 'Well, this just makes it more fun!' He kicked the boy off him and jumped up into the air. 'Who are you?'The boy asked me. I pionted at my throut and then at John.I can't talk to you because I dont have a piece of paper and no pencil. I thought. 'I see.' We both jumped up to John. 'This is it then. Trying to kill your own Brother, Elfira.' Said John. 'Well then todays your day.' Said the boy. 'Before we kick his butt, Elfira, My name is Jamie.' I nodded.

The End

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