Stupid Girls

I nodded, looking back towards the girl as she spoke. At least they were fine. I was eager to get back home anyway. I didn't want to waste my night here in the forest protecting a bunch of little girls. They were vampires after all, why weren't they able to fend for themselves? They had outnumbered that wolf after all. If there was one thing I hated, it was when people were too lazy to take care of their own problems. That had mainly come from all of the other vampires in my own mansion always looked to me or my farther to save them all when a pack of werewolves attacked. 

"That's good..." I added an 'I guess' under my breath, not really caring much about the girls. None of them seemed to be pure bloods anyway, which was the only species of vampire allowed in my house. In my mind, they were sort of pathetic. I mean how many 'vegetarian' vampires were there? She was so stupid. Didn't she realize that to be a vampire it was sort of required that you drank blood? It had been the first thing I'd ever even eaten as a 'child.' I grew slower than humans had though, considering that vampires were immortal and had a much longer life span than humans, obviously. 

That was when I heard a low howl from somewhere, perhaps the caves. There were more of these? I couldn't help but smile, I needed something fun to do for once. Perhaps fighting with werewolves was something that could get my 'blood' pumping. And it would impress that girl back home. These girls were obviously too useless to fight off the wolf themselves, so that sort of left me as their one option. I rolled my eyes at her comment. Do we need to help them? Or are you going to be making me do all the work? I asked myself rhetorically. 

"All right," I replied with a clenched jaw. I had promised my date that I'd be taking care of all the werewolves after all. And just one little howl would spook her, which would also make her lose her faith in me. Which was one thing I couldn't afford to lose from such a spectacular woman. I'd noticed that girls tended to mainly be interested in a guy who could protect them no matter what. And I was going to be doing that.

With that, I began running off towards the howl, trying to figure out the distance form the howl, and smell the direction of the wolf. I ran into a few wolves on the way, shoving them into trees was pretty much the only thing I really did for about a minute until I reached a site of a girl being attacked by a wolf. The wolf hadn't noticed me yet though, so I took my chance and leaped onto the mutt's back, pinning it to the ground for a moment. This one was obviously older than the others, more experienced. He wouldn't be making any mistakes with me, or he'd at least be very careful not to make any. 


The End

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