'It ends here.' He said. Yes its does John. I thought. After he said that I nodded. 'Oh yeah, your a mute. Then you can yell for help from your stupid friends. I'm suprized that your going to fight me alone. You remember. Don't you?' My mind flashed to the past. John killed my parents. My brothers. They all tried to protect me. Now I have to protect Joy, Rain, and Karishi. If I get insured. And maybe even die, I hope they find someone else to help them. My mind flashed back to the present. ' I see.You do.' He Lunged at me and I dogged. He can read my mind. And he can talk to me in my mind. Hey John. Welcome back....To Heck!!  I heard some one coming behind me. Oh please! Not another one! I didn't keep my eyes off of John. Murder. 'Why thank you for that comment!' He almost bit me. The noise was getting louder.

Some one jumped over my head.

The End

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