A pure blood vampire, born to an aristocratic vampire family, one with power and money. By now I'd lived a few hundred years, and looked only about eighteen years of age. I still hadn't exactly settled down, mainly because I hadn't found anyone particularly special. Women came and went for me, most of them boring. All of them turned out to have rather bland personalities it turned out. Of course after a couple hundred years, many things became bland and boring. Especially women. Women had managed to get on his nerves recently. Mainly his sister and his mother. His sister was well...his sister and got all of the attention. She was the younger one after all. And his mother didn't even bother to look at him that much, too caught up in being with her perfect little daughter and all. 

So here I was, in one of my family's many mansions. One of the ones in a forest area, mainly so we wouldn't be tempted to attack any humans out of our thirst. So here we had a much more quiet, peaceful place to stay. I was currently out on the balcony. With a woman. One of my many girlfriends, my sister tended to critique how worthy of a man I would be for a girl. I was apparently not worthy of being a husband considering how many girls I'd dated. My excuse had simply been 'well I'm old, what do you expect?'

Here we were, sipping from our wine glasses. But in the glasses was not wine. Instead it was blood. Yes, blood. A cool, refreshing taste after a rather long day of hunting. And this was the satisfying reward that he was given. I had spent a long day searching for the rarest type of blood for this woman right here. AB, considering it was the rarest type of blood among humans. Yes, it was stereotypical for vampires to have a preferred blood type. But I did, and I could only have the rarest and the best for any of my girlfriends. 

"You look rather beautiful in the moonlight, Jamie." The girl commented. I smiled a bit, I apparently had my ways with women. And this girl was good-looking if I say so myself. She had long, brown hair with a tint of gold in it. Her eyes were an astonishing emerald that matched his own. Her skin, unlike the typical pale type that a vampire should have, was a tanned bronze. She wore a black dress that came down well above her knees. Strapless. The moment I had seen her that night I'd felt overwhelmed by her looks. 

"Why thank you, I have to say you look gorgeous all the time," I replied smoothly. I, on the other hand, had ruffly dark brown hair that was, for once, not ruffled and matted. My skin, unlike her bronze coloring, was a pale color due to the lack of time I spent in my sun. My sister wasn't very fond of it, so most of our houses were away from the sunlight, in forests and whatnot. And I spent the majority of my time inside, mainly because I found it enjoyable. My eyes were the greenish emerald that matched the woman's. I wore a pair of slacks along with a button-up long-sleeved blue shirt. 

The next moment we shared was a simple kiss. A wonderful one at that. I set the wine glass down, wrapping my arms around her for a moment. Immediately, we both stopped, pulling away from each other. 

"What is that horrid smell!?" the girl gasped, looking towards the forest. She groaned, rolling her eyes as they met mine. "Don't tell me you have werewolves in this forest!" she exclaimed. 

I shrugged, they rarely came. "Only on occasion. But don't worry, I won't let any of them get to you, baby. I'll go fight them off for you," I told her soothingly. With a quick kiss, I placed my hands on the balcony and jumped over, it wasn't exactly that high of a leap. And I was a vampire after all, it wasn't like such a jump frightened me. I'd been in much more dangerous situations before. Werewolves wouldn't scare me. No. They couldn't scare me. I wouldn't allow myself to be scared by such horrid beasts that didn't even deserve rights to the planet. 

When I found myself staring down at one of the beasts from the trees, I saw another figure. A girl. Wait no. Two girls. One was holding the other. What a strange sight...He looked back towards the wolf, and immediately hopped down from the tree onto the creature's back. The beast was taken by surprise, shaking and kicking at me. I merely jumped up, immediately fighting the animal with a few kicks and punches. Once the beast was knocked out, or hopefully even dead, I looked around to see if there were any other creatures in view. 

My body turned around, my eyes looking straight towards the girls. "Are you two all right?" I asked politely. One of the girls looked rather weak, as if she was drained of energy. Drained of blood. They were vampires by no doubt, I could sense that. The girl holding the other looked slightly stronger, but I figured that I could probably take her if I needed to, which I doubted would happen. I had just sorta saved their lives anyway, the least they could give me was a thank you.

I didn't offer my name, I was more interested in hearing if they were okay or not. Plus, I wasn't planning on staying for long and indulging in some conversation. I was more interested in getting back to my date, after making sure that there weren't any other werewolves around here. I'd have to do that, just to be on the safe side. My girl wouldn't be pleased if she heard some howl later in the night after I'd promised that I'd killed them all. 


The End

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