Sorry, Rain, but you can't stay vegetarian when you're a vampire

After about five minutes, Elfira looked paler than normal, but Rain looked much better and the sense of hunger was gone.

'Be right back,' I said, and left via the window (it was most convenient) and ran back to my house. In the cellar there was a lot of full wine bottles, but it wasn't wine. I'd filled them all with blood, in case of emergency. Well, this was an emergency. It took me four trips to move every single one to Elfiras house. I then went back and got the wine racks. It looked convincing. I think.

When Rain came round, the first thing she said was 'Where am I?' She obviously hadn't quite woken up properly. I slapped her, not too hard, and she opened her eyes fully and stared at me. 

'What the heck? What did you put in my mouth? I don't know that taste.'

We all looked at each other, wondering who was going to tell her. Finally Elfira wrote it on her notepad, tore out the page and handed it to her. I could read upside-down what she'd written.

You fainted. It's like a human fainting from missing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vampires can go a lot longer than humans but you can't last forever.

'I don't understand. What did you do?' she said. I sighed. There was only one thing for it.

'Sorry, Rain, but you can't stay vegetarian when you're a vampire. It's just not possible.'

The End

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