What the...?

I stared at Rain. So did everyone else. I'd never heard that kind of thing before. Except...

'How old are you, Rain? And don't say sixteen.' I said. I'd thought she was a twenty-first century vampire.

'Well, I grew up in the sixtys...' She trailed off. That made sense. Having been a vampire for a long time, I knew most of the crazes. I knew that Rain had chosen hippie.

I could also sense that there was something... odd about Rain. I don't know why, but she gave off a strange feeling of hunger. I decided to ask.

'Rain, when was the last time you drank any blood? There's a strange sense of hunger about you.'

'I got that too,' said Joy. Elfira just nodded in agreement.

'Uh... I haven't.' Rain mumbled. I was shocked. How had she managed this long? How much longer would she last?

My question was answered when Rain fell forward and her head smashed on the table. 

The End

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