I Didn't Know Many Vampires Lived Here

After Elfira had invied Karishi into the house she went and sat down next to Rain. I just leaned against a wall in one of the darker areas of the room. Man I had never known another vampire in my life and here I was finding myself with more of them. How many other vampires lived here?

"I've got an idea." I suddenly said and they all looked at me. While they had been talking about who knows what I had been silent the entire time until just now. So that must of surprised all of them.

"What is your idea?" Rain asked

"What if..." I glanced over a Elfira hoping she would kill me for saying this. "What if we went around every once in a while to see if any other vampires like us are in danger? Or at least need a safe place to stay?" This was so unlike me to suggest something like this but I couldn't think about the idea of the govenment or anyone else getting ahold of some poor helpless vampire (well maybe they're not that helpless).

Elfira looked at me then wrote on her notepad: It would be dangerous.

"I know. But we should try." I said firmly waiting to see how the others would react.

The End

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