Enter Karishi

Karishi is not my real name. I chose it. I didn't think Norma was a good name for a human. Definetly not a good name for a vampire. I changed it, you're allowed. Born in 1900, bitten in 1914. Fourteen forever. Ugh.

I jumped and landed on the roof of an old, victorian style house. My house. It had never been rebuilt, because the planners and people kept mysteriously dieing. Actually, not very mysteriously. I killed them. I killed them and drank their blood. It's not my choice, and once upon a time I might have tried not to. But you get used to it after fifty years or so. I don't like people knocking down peoples house who still live there. Well, no-one knows I live here, granted, but still.

I ran along the rooftops, hoping I might see somone like me. There never was. I did this a lot. Suddenly my sense of vampires flared up. There was two, no, three vampires in the house below. I barely dared hope. I jumped down, quickly turned my red almost waist length hair from crazy tangle to glossy ringlets and knocked. A vampire with hair and eyes as black as the night opened the door. Just behind her was a girl with brown hair to her waist and midnight blue eyes. Through a door behind them I could see a vampire sat at a table. All of them were looking at me.

'Who are you?' said the brunette.

'I'm Karishi. I know you're vampires, don't deny it. I just wanted to ask, can I stay here? It's lonely on my own.'

They looked a bit stunned. I have that effect on people. Then the brown haired one said, ' I'm Joy, that's Rain and this is Elfira. She's mute' she added when I looked at Elfira questioningly. Elfira got out a notepad and pen and wrote something, then handed it to me. She'd written

Hello Karishi. This is my house and you are welcome to stay, but you have to follow the rules.

The End

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