Hey, It's Rain and you have no clue who I am yet!

I was walking through a strange city, pondering many things:

Great. A hippe vampire. I rubbed the small bite on my neck, as it still ached even though I was bit years ago. I grew up in the sixtys, and I was almost 16 when I was bit. But I won't go into that, I assume you know how that works.

Although I was begining to accept the fact that I was a vampire, one thing kept nagging in the back of mind... Vampires....drink...blood.


Having been a vegitarian my whole life, the thought of drinking blood just makes my stomach shriek in horror! In fact, I have not bit anyone yet, even though it has been so long since the "night" as I call it. Yet, I don't think I will be able to survive much longer without blood, as I keep getting weaker and the craving stronger.

Will I ever find someone who is vampire like me?

I slowed for a moment, then paused in front of a house. I could sense another, maybe two vampires. This was perfect!! I walked to to the door, then patted down my knee-length blonde hair, and smoothed my bell-bottems and tie-died tee.  I hesititated before knocking. I hope their friendly. Someone opened the door.

"Peace." I said.

The End

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