I was just minding my own business thinking of who I have bitten in my past...Then I heard it. I sensed that a vampire like my self, only she was bitten by...well....By me. I have no shame. I was jst really hungry thats all...(it's not my fault!) So, I did what I was suppose to do,as a gaurdian of vampires that I enherited from my father who was a gaurdian before me, I ran to the scream. As soon as I saw the hunters I stopped. I saw him.

 I have to do this silently and fast!

I thought. You see. I can't talk because I'm a mute. So I did my plan and saved her life.

I looked at her with eyes that said YOU IDIOT!YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO WONDER THE STREETS!!! i think she saw me silently yelling at her as I was running with her in my arms. I will take you to my home little one. I hope I'll find out your name girl.

The End

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