Well my name is totally the opposite of how I act. Since I was turned into a vampire my parents stayed clear of me so finally I got sick of it and ran away. I normally just wandered around town and stayed clear of everyone. I didn't even believe vampires existed till I was bitten. But that's not something I will reveal to you. I'm 16 years old though I might stay that way now. I have dark brown hair that goes to my waist. My eyes are a deep blue and I'm totally scared of acidentally bitting someone.

I was making my usual rounds around town and was jumped by them. By them I mean the vampire hunters. They're a group of people who train to hunt and capture vampires. But me I'm not sure if any other vampires can do it but I can fly so of course I just jumped and took off. The problem was that they were ready for me. A cord wrapped around my leg and I was pulled back down. I knew I couldn't be help and that I would be taken away any minute now. so I did the only thing I could think of... I screamed.

The End

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