I was trying to be useful, but everything's a bit hazy and swirling.

"I'm going outside." I mumbled, but I don't think anyone noticed. 

Stumbling a few times, I finally reached the door. 


Where am I?

I woke from a faint, my eyes still shut. I was humming something that might have been a song once.  I could almost hear the music playing.

I tensed. I could hear music.  I opened my eyes.

I was laying on a hammock in a very bright, very familiar bus. 


"You're awake Rain." 

"Star?" I stared with at the man with confusion.

"So you really are Rain!" He smiled, but the smile soon faded. 

"You haven't aged at all. " He said, slowly walking towards me,most of him still  hidden in shadow. 

"Not at all ." He repeated. 

Something isn't right.

Star stared. 

"Why didn't I notice before...." he said under his breath. 

And then I smelled it.

"I'm sorry Rain." He sighed.

A moonbeam highlighted his fur as he came closer. 


The End

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