Elfira's face was pale. Joy and Rain pulled Elfira inside. I followed slowly. There has to be a cure! I thought to myself.

Images of my imprisonment suddenly poured into my mind. My eyes opened to huge proportions.

"WHERE IS IT?!" I grabbed my head and staggered back. I looked around wildly. With a leap, I jumped into Elfira's room. Karishi, Romi, and Jamie followed.

I scrunched down between Elfira's bed and the wall. With one kick, I sent the bed crashing into the other wall. A trapdoor lay exposed from what used to be underneath Elfira's bed. Grabbing the handle, I yanked it open and dived inside. Papers scattered and dust wafted off old military equipment. Some settled in my hair, only to be flung away by my jerky movements. I was looking. Looking for something. My eyes landed on the table. Shoving the papers off, I reached up and pulled a chain, turning on the light. I studied the map a moment and found it. I rolled up the map and stuffed it into a small military bag. Knives, swords, a gun or two went in as well. A small vile was tucked into the bag. Grabbing the ladder, I climbed up and pushed past Krishi, Jamie, and Romi.

I ran out the door. I heard Jamie follow me, but no one else. My adrenaline rush was taking me far and fast to where I wanted to go. The forest closed in around as I neared my destination. Soon it was in sight. I dropped the bag and dived into the lake.

Pain pierced me and I surfaced. I took a deep breath and dove again. Opening my eyes made them hurt. I resurfaced again, dove again. Now that I was used to the pain, I could look around. I focused on a particularly deep spot. I let out a small squeak. Echolocation revealed what I was looking for. I went back to the banks. I saw Jamie standing near the military bag. I pulled out the small vile. I opened my mouth and put a single drop of the liquid inside on my tongue. Energy instantly swarmed my body. I dove into the water again. This time, however, I swam deeper and deeper into the lake. Reaching out near the bottom, I grabbed a plant and pulled it out then sped to the surface. I swam back to the banks, took another drop of the potion, then sped off towards Elfira's house. The plant in my hand gave off an eery sound to other vampires, but I could hear its true sound. Behind me, I could hear Jamie falling behind and panting.

When I got home, Elfira was struggling against the girls and her werewolf bite. When I entered, however, she stopped and seemed to listen to the plant. I ran into the kitchen and began to pulverize it. Jamie came in, panting.

"" He gulped. When the plant was a liquid, I approached Elfira, Joy, Krishi and Romi.

"Hold her down." I instructed. Romi gave me a weird look, but did as I said. Forcing Elfira's mouth open, I poured the entire elixer down her throat. She gagged then became still once more. She blinked several times, then said,

"No more werewolf." Her eyes slid back and she began to sleep. I watched her a moment, then let my stalled reaction go.


I fainted.

The End

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