Azura- Niebhours

"Yo, so you all settled in, or what?"  I asked Tiffany, as she hung her clothes up in the cupboard. She looked at me slightly confused. I guess she wasn't used to the split bit of me. Well too bad, she would just have to get used to it wouldn't she.

"What, I got a fly on my face or something, chick." I hated people who stared.

"Oh seem like you’re ....slightly different." 

"I’m so sorry!" I apologised, bending my head low. I really hoped my split would have come out when she was a bit more comfortable. She looked perplexed and bemused. "NO! I'M NOT SORRY!!"  My split yelled back....crap, now my personalities would argue.

"You got a problem, then leave!" I yelled.

"Oh crap!" I tried to control myself. "Please, I'm so, really sorry!!" I think I was going to cry."Woman! I said I was not sorry!!" my split yelled again. "It's not me who is wrong, but these narrow minded apes!!" I yelled, the fury boiling through me.

"Pease don't listen to me!!" I tried to salvage the situation.    

"You’re like....two different people." she looked more fascinated rather than scared."

" I am! I got two personalities, you mind?! Personally, my other persona is sweet and all, but as weak as a freaking kitten, can't stand it!" My fuse had blown. I hated looking week, I couldn't stand people looking down on me. "I’m her protection against people like you, who judge me cause I'm slightly different." I continued. To my utter surprise she smiled.

"Cool!" She thought it was....COOL?! "Now I got two friends in one! Do you'll got separate names?"

"Um...."I wasn't sure how to reply. She was so sincere and the only person who had thought of me as anything other than freaky. "Thank you, but no, I'm the same person. I guess you can say the split is a defence mechanism." I answered, twiddling my fingers.  "You really don't mind?

"Why would I?"

"Thank you!" I yelled, wrapping my arms around her tightly. A loud thud sounded from the room next to ours.

"Oh ya," I looked at Tiffany, "We're getting new neighbours today, yeah!."


The End

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