Raina - Welcome home

Raina walked down the cobblestone path grimly, wishing she were somewhere else.  Anywhere else, actually.  On the list of places where she wanted to spend her time, a French Boarding school did not rank very high.

Originally from Vatican City, she moved to Florence when she was four and orphaned at six.  She grew up moving from foster home to foster home until she got a letter offering her an oppertunity to go to L'ermitage.  Without a second thought, her foster mother packed her bags and sent her off to france, hoping never to see her face again.


She stopped for a moment and looked at a wooden sign beside a large building.  L'ermitage, it said.  "Wow.  What a great name."  Raina grumbled, miserably.

The doors opened and she walked into the room.  If there are uniforms, i'm going to kill somebody.  She thought.  "Welcome home, Raina!"  Said an annoyingly cheerful voice.  Raina stared at a grinning receptionist and forced a smile.  How do they know my name?  The thought crossed her mind. 

"Salve."  Raina said. 

"Well, first of all, I must give you directions to your room."  The receptionist handed Raina a slip of paper.  "And tell you who you will be sharing it with."

Bells rang off in Raina's head.  "We're...  Sharing rooms?"  She said, struggling to keep her composure.

Dutifully, the receptionist nodded.  "Yes, that is correct.  With...  Well, we have two girls here to choose from.  Autum and Opal.  Neither of them are here yet, though, so who would you like?"

Raina felt the coming-ons of a headache.  "Just...  Let them pick..."  She forced.

"Okay!"  Chimed the receptionist.  "You can explore, i'll send someone when they get here."

Bummed, Raina walked off.  "This is going to be a long stay."

The End

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