Moving in With Bad Temper

I'd be moving in to L'ermitage. I had the filled in the paper work and everything, and I had packed. Ready to go, I walked to the car.

The flight there was long and dreadful, but I was given information on my roommate. Her name was Azura. It sounded familiar, but when I kept thinking about it.. it just didn't click.

The departure time was right on, and to my surprise, there was a limo waiting for me outside to take me to L'ermitag. There is really nothing to say about France. It's just like the books had said it would be. Clean air, no litter, neat, tidy, whatever you want to call it. It was like a city of perfection.

Then there was the country side of France. I loved it more than the city part. I had always been a country girl. One that will always have a country side to her, but that's not why i came here. I came here because of school. Gross.

I walked into the gigantic school that was described in the the brochure. I knew what to expect, but I didn't think it'd be that big! I saw a girl standing in front of the school with her hands folded across her chest as she leaned on one leg like one of those really preppy girls that just can't wait to pick on you, but I wasn't scared. I was more excited and happy to meet her. I've been told that she was really nice if you treated her right and that she was really smart. Sort of like me.

I smiled when I was a couple feet away from her, and she smiled back with the same enthusiastic. I don't know why, but her mood suddenly changed. She seemed happy and cheerful with a bit of excitement. I didn't know why, but I guess that I some how influenced  her.

Not knowing what was going on I started with a greeting, "Hi. My name's Tiffany."

"And Mine's Azura," she said with a smile as she began to loosen up, "It's nice to meet you. Come one! I can't wait to show you what our room! It's really big and everything," she said as she took my hand and pulled me along.

I looked around at all the astounded faces. I didn't really know why they were so shocked to see that Azura was being nice. I guess it's just because she was really grumpy, but I was planning to change that. She wasn't that bad and she didn't seem harmful, so I just followed her into our room... and I knew that I'd seen her somewhere, but I didn't know where.

I'll figure you out eventually Azura, and then there's going to be one less thing to worry about.

The End

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