Azura- L'ermitage

"Azura, are you enjoying you’re stay here." My teacher asked.

"Just as birds do not enjoy the caged life, humans cannot enjoy an oppressive existence, so forgive me madam, but it is against my nature to enjoy this life style, I would appreciate it if I could be left alone, perhaps." I answered. I did not like it here. I was supposed to be free, like the blowing wind and the wings of the eagle, not locked within the walls of an oppressive school, ruled by laws that make little scene and people who made less scene.

"Azura, dear..."

"Get lost damn it. You’re such an irritating nuisance." I barked. My sweet side had zoned out.

"What did you say to me Azura!?"

"Get lost. Piss off, Go far away and fall in a ditch, which you prefer?!"

"Young lady, here at L'ermitage, we dare not speak in that manner."

"Well I do!"

That is a conversation I have every day with me teachers. I have a slight problem which is my split personality, I can’t control it. Everything will seem beautiful and white one second and the next, my vision goes red, and fists are pumped with adrenaline. I really cannot help it. Because of my split personality, my classmates stay away from me; I’m ostracised, alone and locked in a cage.

 I hate this place. I wish the wind would whisk me off my feet and take me to a free land far away, to a place where the air is clean and a soft breeze blows through the rows of white daffodils. "To a place where rock is the only rule, where we can drink till we’re drunk and dance that stress off all night long, while watching live pro wrestling!" The thoughts of alter ego scare me sometimes. I looked through the barred windows of the detention room, up at the sky, hoping that this summer would bring someone who I could befriend, and someone who would understand me. Either way, after this summer, I would run away, to find a place both my strange alter egos can be happy, a place I could call home.


The End

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