Tiffany: Growing Up

My mom never told me who my real mom or dad was. I've asked many times, but they keep insisting that they don't know. Each time I think I'm getting somewhere... I loose it, but I never stop trying. I found out that I was adopted when I was 9. It was when me and my cousin were riding in a car that he brought the subject up. I didn't really know what he meant until my parents finally explained it to me, but it wasn't in full detail.

I go to school like a normal kid, and I dress like one, but ever since I found out the truth... I've felt different. It's like a part of me is missing and I need to go find it.

I explained all this to me much too enthusiastic friend and  she suggested that I go on a life's journey to find out who my real mother and father are, but I thought that it was a crazy idea.

"Tiffany?" the history teacher asked, "I need to speak to you after class," as she turned back around to continue the lesson she was giving I heard whispers of things that I really didn't really want to hear and that got me agitated.

Suddenly I heard one of the kids in my class yell, "Hey! Why'd you do that?! I was using that pencil!"

I'm glad someone feels the way I do I thought to myself as a rush of relief struck me.


After class was over I waited to talk to Mrs. Decker, the history teacher about something. I didn't know what it was, but she didn't sound mad when she asked me to stay after class, so I didn't think it was anything bad.

I waited for about 10 minutes for Mrs. Decker to finish up grading papers until I finally got up and walked over to her desk.

"Tiffany. You are an excellent student and you have a never missed a day at school. You're kind and you're very talented..." she babbled on and on until I finally decided to cut her off.

"I know that Mrs. Decker, and thank you for complimenting me, but I really have to get home to my little sister," hoping not to offend her, I looked down and then back up with a sorry look.

"Okay. I got a letter today in my mailbox," she said as she pulled it out for me to see, "It was for you and... It was from Europe."

I stood there in silence, not knowing weather to be happy scared or excited, so I let her continue, "It was from this boarding school in France. It's called L'ermitage - International School Of France. There you will learn French everything you needed to know. I just need to get your parents to sign papers and stuff."

It sounded as if i had already agreed, which I hadn't, because she was already handing the paper work to me, "Okay, can i think about it? I don't really know if I want to go."

"It's only for the summer sweets. You come back and If you like it there then there will be more paperwork and if you have trouble paying for it then they'll help you," she stood up and patted my shoulder, "That's all. Just go home and think about it all you like. You have a month to think and I think that's enough time for you."

She smiled and walked out of the classroom, leaving me all alone to think about what to do...

The End

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