Elements: The Beginning of a New World

Children have been born again and again until the earth was covered with people. The Gods sent five spirits to wipe out half the worlds population and this was called The Wrath. Every person believed in the Gods then and most started bringing the old ways of the Olympians back. The five spirits were sealed within immortal bodies and send down to earth to control the population of man kind. There was Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Aether. The five worked together and were strong together, but were

"We can't let this go on. The human population is increasing and it is getting out of hands!" Zeus said, "We should strike now! Besides. They have betrayed us and turned away from us. They are of no use to us anymore. We must..."

"Yes, we know that Zeus, but you must be patient with these men," Athena said, "Give them some time. Sent the five that you have waited to send down for a long time."

"I cannot risk their safety because of mere mortals. They would be spotted in a flash of lightening," Zeus thought aloud, "but if we make them human and immortal then they could send the humans a sign that they need to control them selves."

Zeus calmed down as the skies parted, revealing blue skies and white clouds. He slowly walked over to the table where there were five marbles laid out. Each with different colors and forms.

"The five elements of the world. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Aether. I release you upon the world and I ask that you help the Gods. In return, I will give you the blessings of us and immortality. When your task is done, you may return to the safety of the Heavens. Go now my children, and help find peace for many," he raised his arms and lights flew from the marble to earth and then... everything vanished, and the marbles turned black...

The End

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