Aqua: Elements

I stood there, my breathing heavy, looking up at the huge moubntain that had formed in front of my house. I couldn't understand. It had all started when I'd dropped that water bottle. And this mountain, that was here 'cause the guy over the fence took a step. One solitary step.
All the gradens on the block had been destroyed in the space of five minutes. It just didn't make sense at all.

"Um, Aqua, is it?" it was the voice of the guy over the fence. He was walking around the mountain towards me.

"Yeah, and it's Cliff, right?" I answered. He nodded.

"Do you know what's...?"

"Nope," I squinted to see him properly. My glasses had fallen off when the mountain had knocked me over and I couldn't see then anywhere.

Cliff held out his hand. "Looking for these?"

"Yeah, thanks," I took them from him and, placing then on my face, I found that both lenses were cracked. "Crap."

Cliff and I walked around the mountain  but couldn't see anyone else. Well, until:

"May!" someone screamed. "No, May!"

We saw a girl, of about my age, leaning opver a smaller girl. Of coarse, it was her house that'd been on fire.

Another girl ran up to the crying girl. "Are you all right? Is she OK? What happened?" she asked all in ione breath.

This girl was dressed like... like... like that girl from the film, Orphan. Y'know, the one called Esther who turns out to be a murdering phsychopath? Anyway, I'm not one to make judjements but that's the first thing that came into my head when I saw her outfit.
The second thought was goth.
My third thought was or maybe she's an emo?

The girl's hair was white, or blonde enough to be called white. I must admit, though, it did suit her. When I saw the tearstains mascara had made on her face I decided that she was emo. I also rushed over to help her with the crying girl.

"She's dead," the crying girl sobbed. "I killed her."

The emo girl took the small girl's - May's -  wrist.

"No, not with your thumb," I told her, and checked for May's pulse myself.

"She isn't dead," I said at the same time as the emo girl.

I continued, "She maybe just shocked."

The emo girl added, "She'll be fine when she wakes up."

We looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm Aqua," I said.

"Aire (spelt with an e)," the emo girl said.

The crying girl looked up at us. "She's really going to be OK?" Aire and I nodded. The crying girl sighed. "Your glasses are broken."

"Yeah, I know," I grinned. "This is Cliff, by the way," I gestured to Ckiff, who came over and sat on the ground with us.

"My name's Rae," the crying girl told us.

We got chatting, mostly about what had just happened and how it could have done. It ended with the assumption that we must have powers or something. I agreed, and Cliff thought they must be element based.

"Yes!" I said. "I've worked it out. Cliff, yours must be Earth, you made the mountain. Mine must be Water, I've been so thirsty lately and I flooded everything. Rae, I think yours is Fire, your house was, like, blazing in seconds. Which means Aire, yours has to be Air. It's the only explanation for the tornado."

They all just stared at me.

The End

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