Cliff: Under

I watched in horror. Yet again lost for words. What was happening? Steam engulfed the area after an inferno blitzed a tsunami. The hurricane drew to a close leaving the steam to meander in the breeze

"Oh my god...oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" my mother cried pacing the garden frantically. Our flower bed was burned to a crisp while our pear tree had been cleaned of its fruits "I didn't think this would happen so soon"

"Wh-what do you mean?" I gasped finally grasping my deep and harsh voice

"J-just don't let your emotions run need to stay calm!"

"I would stay calm if I knew why I needed too mother"

"I'm not your mother!" she shreiked digging her claws deep into my muscular arms "Stop asking questions before we both end up in serious trouble"

I flexed my muscles and mountains sprung out from my arms sending this women backwards. She began breathing heavier and heavier whilst tears streamed down her eyes

I took one step forward...but it was a million steps forward to a new life. My heavy boot crashed down on the frosty ground sending shockwaves through the soul. A mountain sprung up through the ground but it was much bigger than the others. It grew into the next four gardens destroying everything in its way untilm it stood proud before four teenagers.

Each with a similar tale to tell and a hidden past

The End

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