I sat in my room up in the attic. The windows were open so I could look out into the garden from the window seat. My white blond hair occasionally flicked out around me from the wind blowing in.

"Aire!" My brother, well not techincally, called from downstairs. "Your turn to cook!"

A moment later he walked into my room and I squealed having only recently taken a shower and only wrapped up in a towel. My brother goes totally red and I grab a pillow throwing it across the room at him. "Pervert! Weirdo!" I yell throwing two pillows one which he dodges and one which hits him square in the face.

"Come on, sis. I know we aint biologically related but your still my sister" Eric says pulling a face. I blush bright red and throw the last pillow.

"Get out!" I scream. He sighs heavily then turns his back walking out. I take no hesitation getting dressed into a black gothic style dress, corset style top and bell cage skirt. I tie my hair into two ponytails with black ribbon then tie another ribbon round my neck the bow at the side. I then turn back to my window. I'm about to close it when.... water flies into the sky, fire sets alight, plants grow uncontrolably from different gardens.

"AIRE!" My brother's voice screams just as I jumped back from the window as fire wips by it and scream. My brother bursts into the room just as a tornado springs outside. My brother rushes over pulling me into his lap and trying to shush me. I find myself crying and as I do the tornado goes wild. But slowly, with Eric whispering in my ear 'that it will be alright' and him rocking me back and forth while hugging me, I calm down and the tornado vanishes as quickly as it appeared. I turn to Eric and bury my face into his shoulder.

"What's happening?" I sob griping his shirt. "What's happening?"

The End

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