"Flipping heck, Aqua. You're living up to your name aren't you?" my dad exclaimed after I finished my twelfth bottle of water. "It's not even hot!"

"I know!" I yelled back over the thunder, already getting thirsty again. "It's a blinking storm! That's why we're getting the washing in!" 

I grabbed my next bottle of water and opened it with my teeth, holding it in my mouth to guzzle it as I pulled a T-shirt from the washing line. 

"Holy SH*T, Aqua! What are you doing!" Dad shouted. I looked around to see that I was completely covered in water, yet completely dry. 

"Ahh!" I screamed, dropping the bottle of water to the floor. The water from the bottle started to spill out and as I watched, grew and rose up above my head, above Dad's head, above the fence. 

"Aqua! Look away!" Dad yelled. I tried to do what he said as the wall of water got higher and higher, but it wouldn't let me. My eyes were glues to the column of liquid. "Close your eyes!"

I blinked once.

"Oh no!" I shrieked as the water splashed into my next door neighbour's garden.

I didn't think before I tried to jump the fence and apologise profoundly, but my dad's hands grabbed my waist and yanked me down. 

"No, Dad, I need to-"

"Aqua! Aqua, stop! Look!" I looked in the direction he was pointing, to see that the house across the road was completely alight, the bright orange and yellow flames raising high into the air. 

Just then, the wind got incredibly stronger. I whipped around to see the guy from next door staring into the sky. I followed his gaze to see the air above us whirling around in a massive tornado. 

The End

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