Elementals: The heroic tale

Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Do they have the power?

"Cliff, come help with the gardening" my mother shouted from the garden. I sighed and watched as my mother lost yet another hat in the terrible gale.

I wrapped up warm and headed out into the storm...bloody weather. My mother was desperately trying to grow something but her attempts had so far failed.

"Why must I be cursed with such a ungreen finger?" she moaped staring at her patch of dirt

"Beats me" I mumbled digging my hands into my coat and pulling my hood over my head. I groaned in pain when I fell flat into the vegetable patch

"Cliff...look!" my mother shreiked hysterically. She was pointing at my face with utter shock upon her own. "Its growing"

I gasped unable to form words as tiny plants grew from my dirt coloured hands. Soon my fingers had become tree branches, each one with a flourishing set of golden brown leaves.

"The plants are growing off you...and...and look!" little mountain-like molehills sprung up around my feet but disappeared when I raised my foot off the ground. I opened my mouth to gasp but my voice did not come out...a girls did. My neighbour to be exact

I watched helplessly as a wave of water flew from her garden and tried to drown ours.

The End

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