Draniei: Going down the stairs, and hopefully not dying againMature

Snow rounds up all the other members of the group and introduces me to them, individually. It took a bit, but it was worth it, to get a grander scope of the members. It was almost like kismet that we were all here together and alive.

"So," Snow started, "I think we need to go down the stairs and see what's at the bottom."

We all nod but then Surith asks a question. "Umm, what about the Zeritai guy. What are we going to do about him?"

"Oh, he'll be fine, don't worry. He's just a guardian for the secret passageway, he just thought you guys were graverobbers."

"Oh, so we just leave the one guy that almost slaughtered us?"

"Yep, he'll end up slaughtering anyone who wants to follow. So, we have a giant security system."

Surith grumbles, "Ok."

And with that, we leave down the stairs. Every ten steps there were unlit torches along the wall but everytime we neared one it lit up and the one behind us was put out. This happened for a couple minutes as we walked down the stairs, with the temperature getting warmer and warmer.

"Wow, it's hot in here!" Mikiko exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're going a couple miles under the earth." Snow replied.

Then, as if it couldn't have come any sooner, we reach the bottom of the stairs. Unfortunately, there was a giant door that we had to pass through before we could continue on in the passage.

I walk up to the door and knock. Then, I back up and wait. And suddenly, the door opens as an old man dressed in red walks out.

"Hello, my name is Agwe, I am the God of Fire, all who want to pass this point must answer a riddle."

"Agwe, it's me, Draniei!"

"Draniei? Is it true?"

"Yeah, I've been asleep."

"Well, that's terrible, why aren't you still asleep!"

"Uhh, because I woke up?"

"No, this means the world is ending. That is bad news! How is the town of Cynthia above ground?"

Snow spoke, "Completely destroyed."

"No. It can't be. We're less than two months away from complete world destruction. You sure have great timing."

The End

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