Should I?Mature

Zeritai was now in a human form.  Someone was calming him down.  He is weak.  Fragile as any of us.  Now you die. I thought to myself.  I oupened my hidden holster that folded out of my armor.  I looked down at it.  I wrapped my fingers around the grip of the auto pistol, removing it slowly.  Sudden moves could alert the others to my actions.  He was still facing the other man.  I froze.  If I do this, will I be executed?  This thing is a dangerous evil.  Evil should be dealed with lead.  I took a pledge to stop anything assosiated with darkness.   But he would not have come if that fool had not sumoned him!  Then I looked back.  Crushed and slashed bodies littered the streets.  I will take vengence on the army who caused this massacre.  This was the most violent I had been since I became a diplomat.  My belief in peace had been shattered.  I would need time to recreate my nonviolent agenda.  I put down my pistol.  I looked back once more, and wondered something.  What about that army.  A force like that does not just disappear.  Oh crap.  Were they out there.  Had they seen the light!  I had to find Snow.  See if he is alright.  Find a way out to leave this place.

The End

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