Draniei: Diplomatic solutions.Mature

I was glad to see that Zeritai did recognize me after all these years, he was now calm down and in his human form.

"Draniei? How can it be?"

"I don't know, I can't remember. I just need to get one of my Spirit Tokens from inside the cave, it's guarded by a dragon."

"Well, it's a surprise to see you. I'm glad you stopped me before I almost slaughtered them. But, I don't think Zanduil will be the same though, since you went to sleep he has died and been reborn 8 times."

My eyes widen with surprise, "8 times! I've been asleep for over 8,000 years!"

"Yes, like I said it was a surprise to see you."

"Huh, wow, so will you come along and help us?"

"I can't, I have been given charge of this path. You should go on through, Agwe will be down the path more, where the stairs turn into level ground you should be able to find him."

"Well, thank you, Zeritai."

Almost out of nowhere  a couple other people start limping towards Zeritai and I. "Hey, everyone, my name's Draniei."

"Nice to meet you, Draniei, name's Snow." With this said, Snow and I shake hands. "What do you know about what's going on?"

"I was an elemental from over 8,000 years ago. I was granted god status and my mission was to be a failsafe if the world started to end. So, I was put in the ocean. Except, when I was put to sleep, I had three butterflies," I point at Bright, the butterfly fluttering over my shoulders, "two were taken. I have almost no memories, but I do remember Agwe was going to take one. So, that's why I'm here. Seeing you guys was really a chance of fate."

"Huh, well then, I guess we should go down the stairs."

"Yeah, lets."

The End

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