The unstoppable, stoppedMature



I could hardly move a muscle my whole body hurt from the fall I took, the ice around me was melting and the pounding of battle was causing the floor to vibrate. It was reassuring to know that my newly made friends were still alive. At least for the most part. A blast of flames destroyed the ice that had protected m. Zeiritai was trying to destroy Mikiko. I wanted to help but not an ounce of energy was in my body. Zierita was powering his fire canon.  Just as he was about to fire, an unrecognizable voice yelled.

"Zeritai, they are not Grave Robbers! You must stop at once!"  Zeiritai lowerd his canon arm confused, but still angry.

"You can't possibly be, How dare you trick me!" He yelled the fires growing even stronger as he turned towards the voice," Draniei?" He said the flames immediatly vanishing he said in a soft tone.

I couldn't see what was happening but I was wondering who showed up to calm the beast

"Snow!" Kirie cried out running into my line of sight," Are you okay!" 

"I think I broke some ribs on my fall, otherwise I'm pretty good." I said trying not to sound to much like a tough guy, and neither a wimp," I can't move though I used up all of my energy, could you tell me whats happening?"

"Some person showed up with a butterfly, and Zieritai recognized him, and transformed into a human. 

"What are they doing now?" I asked wishing I didn't go all out for nothing now.


The End

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